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Framework Implementation and Review Committee (FIRC)

The TAP Framework Implementation and Review Committee has primary responsibility to oversee the TAP general education framework (Framework30), to monitor how the major pathways (Pathway30) are integrated with the Framework30, to review learning outcomes assessment data about general education outcomes provided by campuses, and to make advisory recommendations for adjustments to the TAP Framework. The FIRC shall serve as a clearinghouse for information and clarification.

Responsibilities of TAP Co-Chairs
FIRC Co-Chairs Report

FIRC has drafted rubrics which are designed to assess the revised TAP Framework30 Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) that were voted to replace the original Framework30 Core Competencies in the Spring of 2022. We are soliciting your feedback to shape the final drafts. View details on the creation of the draft rubrics.

Feedback must be submitted prior to the March 10 FIRC meeting. Please contact your FIRC Representative (listed below) for information on how your institution is administering this process and any internal deadlines that may apply.

FIRC Meetings/Minutes
Meeting Minutes
Apr 14, 2023 Minutes
Mar 10, 2023 Minutes
Feb 10, 2023 Minutes
Dec 9, 2022 Minutes
Nov 11, 2022 Minutes
Oct 14, 2022 Minutes
Sep 9, 2022 Minutes
May 13, 2022 Minutes
Apr 8, 2022 Minutes
Mar 22, 2022 Minutes
Feb 11, 2022 Minutes
Jan 21, 2022 Minutes
Dec 10, 2021 Minutes
Nov 12, 2021 Minutes
Oct 8, 2021 Minutes
Sept 10, 2021 Minutes
May 14, 2021 Minutes
April 9, 2021 Minutes
March 12, 2021 Minutes
Jan 29, 2021 Minutes
Dec 11, 2020 Minutes
Nov 13, 2020 Minutes (doc)
Oct 9, 2020 Minutes (doc)
Sept 11, 2020 Agenda (doc) | Minutes (doc)
May 8, 2020 Minutes (doc)
April 13, 2018 Minutes (pdf)
March 2, 2018 Minutes (pdf)
February 9, 2018 Minutes (pdf)
December 8, 2017 Minutes (doc)
November 3, 2017 Minutes (doc)
October 13, 2017 Minutes (doc)
September 8, 2017 Minutes (pdf)
April 21, 2017 Minutes (pdf)
March 24, 2017 Minutes (pdf)
February 10, 2017 Minutes (pdf)
December 9, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
November 11, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
October 14, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
September 16, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
March 11, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
February 19, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
December 11, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
November 13, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
October 9, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
September 11, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
May 8, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
April 17, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
March 13, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
February 20, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
December 12, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
November 14, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
October 10, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
September 12, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
May 16, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
April 25, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
FIRC Members
Campus First Name Last Name Contact Title
Asnuntuck Joseph Berenguel Professor of English
Capital Becky DeVito Professor, Psychology
Gateway Mark Lynch Professor of Chemistry
Housatonic Matt Dunne Professor of History and Political Science
Middlesex Frank Stellabotte Professor of Biochemistry
Manchester Mike Pence Professor of Chemistry
Naugatuck Valley Amy Lenoce Professor, Communication
Norwalk VACANT
Northwestern CT VACANT
Quinebaug Valley Brian Lynch Professor of Anthropology & Sociology 
Three Rivers Sarah Selke Professor of Biology
Tunxis Jen Wittke Professor of English
Four-year schools
CCSU Sharon Cox Professor of Business
ECSU Anita Lee Professor, Health Sciences
SCSU Kauther Badr Professor of Business
WCSU Krista Heybruck Professor of Community Health
CHARTER OAK Paul Morganti Associate Registrar
Non-voting members - Student Services
MCC Gail Arroyo Associate Registrar
SCSU Kaitlyn Hoffmann Associate Director TAS
Framework30 Student Learning Outcomes

Campus Groups

Campus TAP Point People
Campus Name Email

Asnuntuck CC

Elle Van Dermark

Capital CC

Becky DeVito

Housatonic CC

Elizabeth Steeves

Manchester CC

James Gentile

Middlesex CC

Donna Bontatibus

Naugatuck Valley CC

Jason Seabury

Norwalk CC

Susan Steiz

Northwestern CCC

Dave Rodgers

Quinebaug Valley CC

Brian Donohue-Lynch

Three Rivers CC

Sarah Selke

Tunxis CC

Francis Coan


Patrick Tucker


Gail Gelburd


Terri Bennett


Robn Gustafson

Charter Oak

Jen Washington

Campus Cross-Functional Teams
Name Campus Office Email
Jennifer Anilowski ACC Director of Admissions
Diane Clokey ACC Registrar
Michelle Coach ACC FIRC Representative
Amanda Looney-Goetz ACC Transfer Counselor
Jill Rushbrook ACC Director of Advising
Teresa Foley ACC Liberal Arts Department Chair
Michael Demers ACC Art, Business, CareersDepartment Chair
Tim St. James ACC Interim Dean of Students
Beth Egan ACC Interim Director of Financial Aid
Mike Stefanowicz ACC Academic Dean
Becky DeVito CCC FIRC Rep.; Faculty, Psychology
Argelio Marrero CCC Registrar
Miah LaPierre-Dreger CCC Interim Academic Dean
Jeffrey Partridge CCC Dept. Chair—Arts and Humanities
Stephen Fagbemi CCC Dept. Chair—Social Sciences
Andre Freeman CCC Dept. Chair—Science and Math
Seth Freeman CCC Interim Dept. Chair—Business & Tech
Kathy Herron CCC Faculty, Math
John Christie CCC Faculty, English
Gerry Murphy CCC Faculty, Accounting
Gregg Gorneault CCC Director of Admissions
Mike Kriscenski CCC Guidance Counselor
Margaret Malaspina CCC Director of Financial Aid
Ryan Pierson CCC Assistant to the Academic Dean
Jenny Wang CCC Institutional Research Director
Beth Merenstein CCSU FIRC representative, Chair
Doug Benoit CCSU Admissions
Mary Pat Bigley CCSU School of Education and Professional Studies
Richard Bishop CCSU Financial Aid
Justine Gamache CCSU School of Engineering, Science & Technology
Myrna Garcia-Bowen CCSU Transfer & Articulations
Cristina Higham CCSU School of Business
Laura Minor CCSU College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Patrick Tucker CCSU Registrar
Lori Pendleton COSC
Jennifer Washington COSC Registrar
Ralph Brasure III COSC
Wanda Warshauer COSC
Ruth MacDonald COSC
Gail Gelbard ECSU FIRC Representative
Jeanelle Day ECSU FIRC alternate
Darren Robert ECSU Outcomes Assessment Coord
Alison LoPriore ECSU Academic Advising
Jeff Buskey ECSU Admissions
Kathy Wrana ECSU Financial Aid
Polly Silva ECSU Provost's Office
Ellen Gillette ECSU Registrar's Office
Michael Buccilli GCC Director of Counseling and Student Services
J.A. Tony Carberry GCC Director of Enrollment Management
Kellie Byrd Danso GCC Director of Career Services
Lauren Doninger GCC FIRC Representative
Lorraine Li GCC Faculty, Economics
Maribel Lopez GCC Registrar
Angela Richter GCC Assist to the Academic Dean
Lynn Roller GCC Faculty, Allied Health
Vincent Tong GCC Director of Institutional Research
Paul Broadie II HCC President
Terry Brown HCC Acting Dean of Academic Affairs
Greg DeSantis HCC Associate Director of Financial Aid
Debbie Kuchmas HCC Retention Associate for General Studies
Joan Lloyd HCC Faculty, Chemistry
Carmen Medina HCC Counselor
Driss Mellouk HCC Faculty, Foreign Languages
Laurie Noe HCC Faculty, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Pam Pirog HCC Faculty, Business
Rebecca Samberg HCC Faculty, Developmental Studies
Elizabeth Steeves HCC FIRC Representative
Laura Turiano HCC Faculty, Human Services and Psychology
Shirley Zajdel HCC Faculty, Math/Science
Barbara Richards HCC FAC
Gail Arroyo MCC Asst registrar
Kevin Bechard MCC Faculty, business
Nicole Esposito MCC FIRC reprsentative
Meghan Finley MCC Faculty, Social Science
Jennifer Gutterman MCC Faculty, Graphic Arts
Kimberly Hamilton-Bobrow MCC Faculty, Liberal Arts
Kathryn Kleis MCC Faculty, Criminal Justice
Pamela McManus MCC Faculty, Science
David Nielsen MCC IR
Christopher Paulin MCC Faculty, Social Science
Jana Sime MCC Faculty, Mathematics
Robert Turner MCC Transfer Counselor
Donna Bontatibus MxCC TAP-FIRC Liaison, Professor of English
Emily Canto MxCC Counselor
Paul Carmichael MxCC Institutional Research
Joanne Faust MxCC Associate Registrar, Co-Chair of Curriculum Committee
Wesley Fox MxCC Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Sarah Hanson MxCC Interim Director of Enrollment Services
Lin Lin MxCC Co-Chair of Curriculum Committee—General Education Assessment, Professor and Program Coordinator Computer Engineering Technology
Sharale Mathis MxCC Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Rebecca Rist-Brown MxCC Professor and Program Coordinator Criminal Justice & Criminology Studies
Elizabeth Slupski MxCC Director of Academic Advising
John Shafer MxCC Professor and Program Coordinator Communication Studies & Theater Studies
James Cousins NVCC Admissions
Bonnie Goulet NVCC CAPSS
Martha Charris NVCC Danbury Campus
Ed Clancy NVCC Associate Registrar
Lisa Rodrigues-Doolabh NVCC IR Director
Kathleen Leblanc NVCC Professor of Human Services
Ron Picard NVCC Assoc Deanof Academic Affairs
Bob Howard NCC Social & Behavioral Science, co-chair
Susan Steiz NCC Business, co-chair
Gabriel Adamek NCC Math, FIRC
John Alvord NCC Art, Architecture, & Design
Patrick Cassidy NCC Information Science
Phyllis Fitzpatrick NCC Institutional Research
Ed Grippe NCC Humanities
Diane Kiraly NCC Nursing
Linda Lerman NCC Library
Jonathan McMenamin-Balano NCC Science
Meira Rosenberg NCC Developmental Studies
Rick Boger-Hawkins NCCC
English/Communication faculty [TBD] NCCC
Ruth Gonzalez NCCC Director of Student Development
Doug Hoffman NCCC
Joanne Nardi NCCC Associate Fiscal Administration
Stacey Williams NCCC
Debbie Zavatkay NCCC Registrar
Patricia Bouffard NCCC Dean Academic Affairs
Mike Rooke NCCC President
Robert Kozlowski QVCC Director of Advising and Retention Services
Amy Kacerik QVCC Director Student Services
Sarah Hendrick QVCC Associate Director of Admissions
Kimberly Rich QVCC Director of Financial Aid
Pauline Clifford QVCC Director of Educational Technology
Christopher Parden QVCC Program Coordinator for Computer Service
Brian Donahue-Lynch QVCC FIRC Representative
Steve Marcelynas SCSU FIRC representative
Frank LaDore SCSU Director of the Office of Transfer Student Services
Ilene Crawford SCSU Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Terricita Sass SCSU Associate Vice-President for Enrollment Management
Karen Cummings SCSU Director of Liberal Education Program Assessment and Planning
Alexis Haakonsen SCSU Director of Admissions
Alicia Carroll SCSU Registrar
Helen Marx SCSU Faculty Director of Undergraduate Advising
Chul Lee SCSU Director of Institutional Research
Mary Pat Caputo SCSU Public Affairs
Rick Bennett TRCC Faculty, Business
Ken Briggs TRCC Interim Director, Financial Aid
Kathryn Gaffney TRCC Director, Marketing
Kathleen Gray TRCC Advisor, Student Services
Kevin Kelly TRCC Registrar
Dov Kugelmass TRCC Faculty, Psychology
Christine Languth TRCC Director, Student Success
Kacey McCarthy-Zaremba TRCC Academic Dean’s Office
Steve Paternoster TRCC Admissions
Sarah Selke TRCC TAP Point Person, Faculty, Biology
Peg Stroup TRCC Director, Admissions
Tamika Davis TxCC Admissions
Susan Winn TxCC Registrar
Melissa Lamar TxCC Marketing
Steve Mead TxCC IT
Kelly Pittman TxCC Transfer Counsellor
Fran Coan TxCC FIRC Representative
David England TxCC Dean of Academic Affairs
Lynn Laskowski TxCC Faculty, Biology
Amy Feest TxCC Faculty, Business Adm
Nick Stugard TxCC Faculty, Math
Steve Ersinghaus TxCC Faculty, English
Bob Brown TxCC FAC
David Burns WCSU Mathematics Faculty
Pam McDaniels WCSU Visual and Performing Arts Faculty
Keith Gauvin WCSU Registrar
Isabel Carvalho WCSU Academic Advisement
Nicole Kullberg WCSU Admissions and FIRC Representative
Robin Gustafson WCSU FIRC Representative
Marketing Task Force
Campus Name Contact Department
NVCC Sydney Voghel-Ochs
GCC Evelyn Gard Public Affairs
MCC Charlene Tappan Marketing & Public Relations
MxCC Daniel Viens Academic Advising
ECSU Christopher Dorsey Admissions
CCSU Mark McLaughlin Marketing & Communications
SCSU Terricita Sass Enrollment Management
SCSU Steve Marcelynas Transfer Advising
TxCC Melissa Lamar Public Relations
CSCU Michael Kozlowski Strategic Initiatives
CSCU Maribel La Luz Communications
CSCU Andrew Morris Web Communication & Design

Pathway Work Groups

Pathway Campus Name Email