About the BOR

Among many responsibilities, the board sets statewide tuition and student fee policies; establishes financial aid policies; reviews, licenses, and accredits academic programs; and, in collaboration with institutional stakeholders, conducts searches for and selects campus presidents. In addition to governance responsibilities, the board also holds broad responsibilities for development and coordination of statewide higher education policy.

Board Chair

The chair of the Board of Regents is appointed by the Governor and the Board of Regents elects a vice-chair and other officers from among its membership.

15 Voting Members

  • 9 - appointed by the Governor.
  • 4 - appointed by legislative leadership, of whom one is a specialist in K-12 education and three are alumni of the Connecticut Community Colleges, Connecticut State Universities, and/or Charter Oak State College.
  • 2 - students chosen by their peers (chair and vice-chair of the Student Advisory Committee).

7 Non-Voting, Ex-Officio Members

  • Commissioner of the Department of Education
  • Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development
  • Commissioner of the Department of Labor
  • Commissioner of the Department of Public Health
  • Chief Workforce Officer
  • Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Vice Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee

New Regents Training

Required by Public Act No 22-16, effective July 1, 2022

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Comments & Questions

Questions regarding the Connecticut Board of Regents should be addressed to Pam Heleen, Office of Board Affairs, at 860-723-0013 or heleenp@ct.edu.