Consolidating Connecticut's 12 community colleges into one singly accredited institution to sustain and enhance education quality, affordability, and accessibility.

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The Connecticut State Community College provides access to academically rigorous and innovative education and training focused on student success. The College supports excellence in teaching and learning, makes data-informed decisions, promotes equity, and advances positive change for the students, communities, and industries it serves.


The Connecticut State Community College will be recognized for exceptional student success, educational leadership, and transformative collaboration with business and industry, government, educational, and key stakeholders while advancing diverse opportunities for Connecticut’s citizens and communities.

Strategic Plan

The leadership of CT State is pleased to share this first complete draft of its inaugural Strategic Plan with the Board of Regents, the institutions of the Connecticut State Community Colleges and University community, our students and communities, and our partners and other stakeholders.

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Consolidation & Guided Pathways


Providing guidance on the alignment of academic programs (shared and differentiated), assessment, policies, procedures, institutional data, websites, catalogs and other relevant issues to campus constituents.

Guided Pathways

Starting with a students end goal in mind, pathway initiatives focus on providing students with clear program maps, improving the student experience, and closing equity gaps.