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15 to Finish

Encouraging enrollment of 15 credits a semester (30 credits each year, summers included) has proven to increase the number of students who are on track for on-time graduation in two years. The goal is to have students take more credits whenever possible, graduate on time, and start earning faster.

Advising Redesign

Advising redesign will include monitoring a studentís progress on their program plan, intervening when they are struggling, and helping students to the finish line.

Developmental Education & Corequisite Remedial Support

The conventional approaches to placement and remediation often involve a new student taking one to three developmental courses in their first semester. This developmental sequence delays a studentís entry into college-level math/English or courses in their field of interest. Guided Pathways reforms focus on the integration of remedial support and ensure students are moving through the developmental sequence with embedded academic support.

First Year Experience

Research has consistently indicated that first-year experience courses contribute to student success in college.

Guided Pathways
Mapping the Pathway

Maps and plans provide students with clear program maps that include specific course sequences, progress milestones, and program learning outcomes.

Meta Majors

Meta-majors, sometimes referred to as career clusters or areas of interest help students identify a career path early on in their college career. With the majority of colleges offering more than 50 programs, students become overwhelmed and confused by the options available to them. Meta-majors will help students decide on a major and connect them to their field faster.

Student Momentum

Guided Pathway initiatives encourage the identification of student momentum metrics. Momentum metrics help campuses and systems identify areas of improvement. The CSCU adoption of student momentum metrics will be shared as Key Performance Indicators (KPIís).