Personalize your Gift

We understand your gift, donation, desire to help our student population are as unique as you are!  You have a story to tell, and we want to listen!

We can honor your reason for giving by breathing life into your story through our Foundation and ultimately through our student graduates who find their place in society to help make the world a more creative, healthy, productive, and progressive place to coexist. 

Through the Foundation, you have the potential to reach students throughout the 12 Community College locations, 4 State Universities, and Charter Oak State College.  Your gift can help first-generation students, international students, local students, transfer students, multilingual, veterans, students with disabilities, student leaders, student-athletes, students on the dean’s list, and everything in between or a combination of many characteristics.

Our Board of Directors represents a diverse cross-section of professionals and educators throughout Connecticut, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Ohio. We understand that education and careers are environments without borders in today’s society.  We’ve expanded learning communities beyond the classroom by expanding our definition of “gift” to include time, talents, and treasures. We believe internships, summer employment, scholarships, and job shadowing can provide wonderful opportunities for gifts to be redefined.

We look forward to personalizing your gift, enhancing your legacy, and listening to your story about how and why you want to give.  If you prefer to be an anonymous donor, we will honor your privacy.

To discuss your personalized gift and ways to give, please contact:
Helen G. Sneed, Board President
P: 860.977.8155